A love poem

Photo licensed to author via adobe stock images
Photo licensed to author via adobe stock images
Photo licensed to author via adobe stock images

I run exuberantly toward God
the full moon in my throat
my body vibrating with excitement
to arrive here at last, in heaven.

Right here. Where you are now.
Heaven is here. Lift the veil and see it.

Only you hide it from yourself
but what you use to hide it
has no substance and no reality.
You only think it’s there.
This imaginary veil over heaven
will literally disappear
when you decide you are ready.

Ready for truth. Ready for love.

This is authentic awakening: Removing this veil you have placed over your true Self and God. This is…

Spiritual awakening has something to do with it.

Image licensed to author.

I am not sure why I feel it necessary to take on the most difficult questions we can ask, but it seems to be my path in life. Healing. What is it? What does it mean to be sick? What does it mean to be healed?

Honestly, I do not easily find the words to answer these questions, now that I write them down in black and white like this. I ask you to consider how you would answer them if I was standing in front of you and asking them of you.

To be whole. This is a starting…

Image from AdobeStock Images (via license to Uma Bode)

Hello, my friend. Let us inquire into our shame.

What do you feel ashamed of? Write it like this:

“I feel shame when I remember ______________, and the story I tell myself about this shame is ___________________.”

Be honest with yourself, and be specific.

As you write, remind yourself that while your shame can bind you, it is also true that you hold the power to release yourself. Our shame needs our love. Whatever we did that we feel shame about, we need to have mercy on ourselves. We need to forgive ourselves.

And this brings us to the question…

Welcoming What’s Next

bright stars and crescent moon over a field and hills
bright stars and crescent moon over a field and hills
photo © Uma Bode (author)

Today, we turn toward a new road for the United States of America, and for the world. Where it will lead, we do not know for sure, but I am feeling pretty confident that the future is going to be much better managed than the past four years have been.

I hope you are as excited about the possibilities as I am.

As I see it, our social systems and our individual human experiences are irrevocably interwoven. Each deeply impacts and affects the other.

That said, true and lasting improvements in society and the collective human condition…

A radical poem

Path out of woods into a field.
Path out of woods into a field.
Photo © Uma Bode (this poet)

Revolution on the inside.

Translating conditioned thought
into radical new awareness.

What does it mean that Buddha nature pervades the whole universe?
What does it mean for it all to be God?

The outer is a reflection of the inner.
Consider that, when considering
how to move mountains.

Consider that perhaps what the world needs,
is forgiveness,
relaxation in the face of insanity,
cultivating the ability to see God, Buddha nature, essential goodness
in everyone and everything.

Can you do that? Will you try?

Not easy letting go of blame, anger, self-righteousness hatred but, listen — behind them…

This is not a caravan of despair

Photo Adobe Stock, Licensed to Uma Bode

When I first read those lines, it literally knocked the breath out of me.

At the time, I struggled and suffered with guilt and depression about many things that had gone wrong in my life. I was blamed by others and I took that blame on myself. I was sure they were right and I had failed, miserably, at being a good human being.

Simultaneously, I was intensely into spirituality and was trying to understand what spirituality even meant. I grappled continuously with this question, trying to understand what enlightenment was and if it was actually possible. I wanted to…

Host your own coronation

woman sitting on deck raising her hands to the sky in a gesture of happiness
woman sitting on deck raising her hands to the sky in a gesture of happiness
Photo © Uma Bode

It’s a strange journey, this being human. We can wander through it, unaware of the deeper offering, looking for guidance from outside sources and trying to do what we think is “right.” Most people struggle in an endless search for love and meaning. Do you?

If you are reading this, you are probably tired of that struggle; you are most likely somewhere on your personal journey of self-discovery and awakening.

In my own journey, I discovered what I call my Five Guiding Spiritual Principles:

Reclaim your essence.

Take your seat.

Trust the living map.

Fortify the one relationship.

No longer…

You know it’s time for a change so just do it

You know it in your heart. (photo credit: Adobe Stock Images licensed to Uma Bode)

In a recent article, I discussed how community can help you manifest your dreams. Of course, it needs to be the right community. Personal growth often requires difficult decisions about who you want in your life — and who you don’t.

There is nothing easy about jettisoning those who no longer align with how you think and live (or want to live). Whether it’s old friends, acquaintances, drinking buddies, co-workers, even family members, it often seems easier to tolerate them than make a change. Despite the gray cloud that descends on you every time you are in their presence, the…

Being supported and held accountable for your goals boosts success

People holding hands in silhouette against sunset sky
People holding hands in silhouette against sunset sky
Community can help you accomplish your goals and dreams. (photo credit: Uma Bode original photo combined with Adobe Stock photo licensed to author)

There is a lot of scientific and anecdotal evidence for the benefits of being part of a community. I’m going to summarize some of those well-known benefits here and discuss what I feel is most important:

Being part of a supportive, compassionate and motivated community can help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Community is different than family or co-workers or classmates. Community implies a choice and also a shared sense of something. Purpose perhaps, or interests. Also, when I use the word community I specifically assume a certain level of compassion, kindness and genuine caring on the part of…

Poetry for escaping suicide

sunlight light on roof rafters
sunlight light on roof rafters
photo © Uma Bode (this poet)

feeling late night dark tired fears welling up
feeding that urge to hide I know so well
that pulls me under the lies I tell myself
straps me down ties my wrists and ankles
binds me tight so I cannot move or lift my head from the darkness

if there were a way out I would go but it seems
to me
in the middle of the night
that there are no doors to open or windows to un-shutter

that there are no options
and death is the only escape

But I cannot die yet, not by my own design…

Uma Bode

Writing about what matters to me. Spirituality is life. No separation. theumaverse.com

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